A fresh start… ♥

Hello my lovely readers! I’m so sorry its been a while since my blog has seen some action. I can’t work out if its because life has passed me by, or life has been too busy. Either way, I’m back now and with awesome news!

For months, I’ve been desperate to create a pretty, eye catching, wonderfully inspiring blog. The first blog I ever made was on Freewebs when I was about nine (if I could call it a blog, it was more a page to share my girly obsessions! Oh wait…). Since then I have gone on a whirlwind with every blogging network possible. Luckily, WordPress has been my saving grace as I was definitely close to giving up! Also, working for someone else’s website, really gives you the blog bug! (Feel free to check out the lovely lady herself!)

So, what is this awesome news you ask? I guess its been since I last blogged, I’ve really had to think about where I want this to go and what I want to do with it. How do I make this different or my blog? Its so easy to route through other blogs and feel like yours is crap, or its terrible compared to theirs and think whats the point? Its always good to have healthy competition, but I got to the point where I thought mine would never be good enough to carry on. However, many words of encouragement from my boyfriend later, changed my way of thinking and I started to put plans into action! Why let talent go to waste right?

This is my new plan. Every month, starting in August, I will be having three guest bloggers! Two are covering specific topics, and one free reign! I shall be including my own inspiration related posts and more tutorials. Every guest blogger I feature, will have two slots. One day for an interview, the other to give us a tutorial on their chosen idea. Ideally, giving you a lovely connection!
I’m all about supporting other bloggers. The internet is a tough place, so sticking together is what I wish to do with everyone I meet and greet. If you wish to be a apart of this, please contact me here.

I don’t wish to give too much away, such as the topics and who I have planned so far, but I am really excited about where this is going and what could come of this. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and, watch this space! Join me on August 8th with my first guest blogger. In the mean time, expect some stuff from myself.

Until then,

Happy Blogging!




Weekly Event: The Laughing Medusa… ♥


A few weeks ago, I took up the offer to take part in Sarah Lamberts blog – ‘The Laughing Medusa‘ (such a wicked name!). Her blog is built up of all types of wonderful things, such as art, tattoos, skincare, photography, travel etc… All her pages are stunning and I’m very excited to be able to share the interview I did for her ‘Tattoo Talk‘ column.

Please go take a look, write a comment or bookmark her blog as I can tell you, you won’t regret it!


A Sunny Afternoon Read… ♥



A good few months ago, I got given the chance to join in the excitement of this special edition magazine.  All thanks to Shimelle Laine (who is guest editor of this particular edition and runs a wonderful papercraft blog), I was very lucky to get behind the scenes and see what it takes to create such a beautiful magazine, as well as doing some contributing myself. Let me talk you through it, before you go and head to the shelves!

Mollie Makes is a magazine full of DIY tutorials, interviews with fellow designers, craft templates and overflowing with ideas from the kitchen to decor to presents. If you love to get your hands tangled in colourful thread and a glittery mess, then its definitely for you. Every month it is full of different things and new people, so your brain is always getting refreshed and inspired. In between months, you can follow their blog and Pinterest, so you are never without creativity!

In this Special Edition, it is all about photography! Now, if you’re like me who loves to snap away at every moment but always looking for more, its definitely a read. Not only does it cover the technical issues when it comes to photography, ie. lighting, it takes you through how to use vintage cameras for home decor or how else to use a photo instead of placing it in a simple frame, featuring many freelance crafters. What I like about this, magazine the most, is you really feel you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a decent photo and thats a great message right? Every person can take a beautiful photograph with the right techniques. It doesn’t use complicated jargon or ridiculously long words. In simple photo steps, you are told everything you need to know!

If you are feeling the itch to go and purchase a copy, you can find it from newsagents, such as WHSmiths and if you can’t see it on their shelves, they can order you a copy. However, if you wish to do it from the comfort of your own home, whilst drinking a cuppa’ then check out My Favourite Magazines.

I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed!

Weekly Event: Hair Competition! ♥


When I sign up to do something, I always regret it straight after but can’t bring myself to pull out. This leaves me in a bit of a pickle, right? However, this time, as scared as I was, its definitely something I won’t forget!


I’ve always heard of hair competitions and know a few people who have done one in the past, but still wasn’t sure what to expect. Even the lovely lady I was doing it for had no idea. (Kind of reassuring knowing I wasn’t the only one!).

The day started with each stylist and model in front of a glass mirror, setting up their stations whilst eyeing up the competition. I have to say, I didn’t realise how competitive I am until that moment. As soon as we were all given the go ahead by the judges, it was a rush of who could get to the sinks first! Luckily, we won that part! Hour and a half later, all the models, including myself are all dressed, hair styled to perfection and make up smoothed on, ready to go.


What came next is the part that nearly made me RUN! I had to catwalk…
I’m not one for posing, showing off, strutting my stuff at all. I feel the fact that we all got choreographed beforehand really added on the pressure, not forgetting that it was in front of quite a big audience! eek!
About 30/40 of us all queued in a tiny space backstage, all shaking with nerves, praying we didn’t fall over.

Despite it being quite a nerve wracking experience, I’m definitely glad I said yes and need to say yes more often to everything I’m given the chance to do! Whats the point in turning something down because its scary? It gave me so much confidence and a little life boost!

Next time someone says ‘hey, wanna do me a favour?’ or ‘I’d love to do this, would you be up for it?’ instead of letting those anxieties take over, take control and say ‘yes!’


Weekly Event: Pick Me Up! ♥


This Saturday (3/5/14) I got taken to a ‘Pick Me Up‘ – a Graphic Arts Festival. As I am not a graphic designer myself, it was nice to see for myself what it truly is and to discover new artists.



The exhibition was based in Somerset House, Londons host to a whole variety of wonders from film festivals to ice skating. This festival ran over a course of three weeks with different events happening every day and weekend. Some days would host workshops for budding designers, talks for the studying designer and always members around for the people who don’t know much when it comes to graphic design aka, me.

The day I went was the start of ‘Childrens Weekend’ & I worried that it would be full of children creating havoc, high on paint fumes and wacky drawings – luckily, I was proved wrong. There was still a very ‘adult’ atmosphere and at no point did I feel like I didn’t belong.
Some exhibitions you go to, you can feel a divide between people and I’m normally the person staring at a painting with a thoughtful face, when in actual fact I have no idea what I’m looking at. Everyone seemed very welcoming and up to talk to you if you had any questions or thoughts.


I really felt it was a great exhibition. It certainly wasn’t boring. The amount of colour that surrounded you definitely put you in a happy bubble.
I think what made this exhibition stand out, was the fact that as well as being able to look and observe artists work, some artists would want you to get involved with letterpress machines or let you watch them work. You wasn’t restricted by barriers or have security guards watching over you, you felt completely free to really get involved and take a closer look at what was in front of you.

Over one floor were lines of stools with the artists work and the artist themselves. The variety of creativity stood out brilliantly. You could pay to get a drawing done of yourself by a ‘mystery artist’ in a photobooth, or have a photo taken in cardboard cut out frames; all designed by the designers themselves. And most importantly, a cute tea/cake part in the middle, to rest your bursting imagination.

It definitely was an eye opener for me. There is no limits when it comes to design and if you have an idea, create it how you want it. Every style is different and its constantly evolving. Don’t Hold Back!