Alice Rose ❀

Alice Rose is a young designer-maker from southeast England. She hopes to make a living doing what she loves, and spends most of her time reading blogs, drinking tea, or stitching with a needle in her hand. In addition to working behind the scenes at, her recent work includes Kirsty Neale’s craft book, Hoop-La: 100 Things to do with Embroidery Hoops, & Mollie Makes Magazine.

Alice first got into the world of creativity growing up. Her grandmother would constantly be sewing and knitting, her mother going to craft nights every week and sister drawing out her imagination and writing stories. She first began to cross stitch at the age of 7 and her world of creations has wonderfully developed. Now her plan is to build a name for herself and learn as much as she can everyday.

Her next step in life is attending BridalWear Summer School and making her dream of being a full time dressmaker come true.

Thank you for delving into her world with her.


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