Tutorial Tuesday: Handmade Treasures ♥


My room is filled with tiny things, craft embellishments, random art supplies, those things I bought from Hobbycraft that I felt I needed but actually didn’t, and so much more! I always find them when I’m looking for something else and feel bad that I never put them to use. Here are just a few ways I decided to use them for and I hope you can get some inspiration to dig round your craft box (or in my case, a caravan) and make the most with what you already have!




Who said dollhouse furniture was good for just decorating a room? Why not make a ring? There are so many dollhouse supplies out there these days. You can find tiny icecreams, hot dogs, cups, shoes, hobby equipment… and I think they are great for adding a personal touch on something. Here I have a cup, saucer and a silver, adjustable ring. All I used for this was super glue to hold all the items together and a very stable hand!



These adorable earrings are so easy! I bought the earring attachments on Ebay ages ago. With a pair of jewelry pliers, slightly open the attachment hoop and hook your item on. Once applied, close up the hoop and you’re done! Always make sure that they are facing the right direction, so you don’t have two ‘lefties’ or two ‘righties’… It can be a simple mistake, trust me. And lastly…





This idea would make a lovely embellishment on a tote bag or a garment! ie. a denim jacket. What you can’t see here, is the part that the popper would pop into, is on the back of the saucer. You would then sew the actual popper part onto where you wished it to be placed. I have to admit, I had trouble keeping the popper to stay in place, but it was nothing super glue couldn’t sort out!
The ‘with love’ is a scrapbooking embellishment I found, a long with a rose. However, the rose didn’t fit quite right so I went with the text instead. It already had a peelable sticky back, meaning I didn’t have to worry about how to apply it.



Whatever you find in your house and say you don’t need, always double check with yourself and really think of how you could use it. Even with things already used, why not try and re-use them? Turn them into something else! When it comes to the imagination, anything is possible!


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