Weekly Event: The Laughing Medusa… ♥


A few weeks ago, I took up the offer to take part in Sarah Lamberts blog – ‘The Laughing Medusa‘ (such a wicked name!). Her blog is built up of all types of wonderful things, such as art, tattoos, skincare, photography, travel etc… All her pages are stunning and I’m very excited to be able to share the interview I did for her ‘Tattoo Talk‘ column.

Please go take a look, write a comment or bookmark her blog as I can tell you, you won’t regret it!


A Sunny Afternoon Read… ♥



A good few months ago, I got given the chance to join in the excitement of this special edition magazine.  All thanks to Shimelle Laine (who is guest editor of this particular edition and runs a wonderful papercraft blog), I was very lucky to get behind the scenes and see what it takes to create such a beautiful magazine, as well as doing some contributing myself. Let me talk you through it, before you go and head to the shelves!

Mollie Makes is a magazine full of DIY tutorials, interviews with fellow designers, craft templates and overflowing with ideas from the kitchen to decor to presents. If you love to get your hands tangled in colourful thread and a glittery mess, then its definitely for you. Every month it is full of different things and new people, so your brain is always getting refreshed and inspired. In between months, you can follow their blog and Pinterest, so you are never without creativity!

In this Special Edition, it is all about photography! Now, if you’re like me who loves to snap away at every moment but always looking for more, its definitely a read. Not only does it cover the technical issues when it comes to photography, ie. lighting, it takes you through how to use vintage cameras for home decor or how else to use a photo instead of placing it in a simple frame, featuring many freelance crafters. What I like about this, magazine the most, is you really feel you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a decent photo and thats a great message right? Every person can take a beautiful photograph with the right techniques. It doesn’t use complicated jargon or ridiculously long words. In simple photo steps, you are told everything you need to know!

If you are feeling the itch to go and purchase a copy, you can find it from newsagents, such as WHSmiths and if you can’t see it on their shelves, they can order you a copy. However, if you wish to do it from the comfort of your own home, whilst drinking a cuppa’ then check out My Favourite Magazines.

I guarantee you won’t be dissapointed!

Tutorial Tuesday: Handmade Treasures ♥


My room is filled with tiny things, craft embellishments, random art supplies, those things I bought from Hobbycraft that I felt I needed but actually didn’t, and so much more! I always find them when I’m looking for something else and feel bad that I never put them to use. Here are just a few ways I decided to use them for and I hope you can get some inspiration to dig round your craft box (or in my case, a caravan) and make the most with what you already have!




Who said dollhouse furniture was good for just decorating a room? Why not make a ring? There are so many dollhouse supplies out there these days. You can find tiny icecreams, hot dogs, cups, shoes, hobby equipment… and I think they are great for adding a personal touch on something. Here I have a cup, saucer and a silver, adjustable ring. All I used for this was super glue to hold all the items together and a very stable hand!



These adorable earrings are so easy! I bought the earring attachments on Ebay ages ago. With a pair of jewelry pliers, slightly open the attachment hoop and hook your item on. Once applied, close up the hoop and you’re done! Always make sure that they are facing the right direction, so you don’t have two ‘lefties’ or two ‘righties’… It can be a simple mistake, trust me. And lastly…





This idea would make a lovely embellishment on a tote bag or a garment! ie. a denim jacket. What you can’t see here, is the part that the popper would pop into, is on the back of the saucer. You would then sew the actual popper part onto where you wished it to be placed. I have to admit, I had trouble keeping the popper to stay in place, but it was nothing super glue couldn’t sort out!
The ‘with love’ is a scrapbooking embellishment I found, a long with a rose. However, the rose didn’t fit quite right so I went with the text instead. It already had a peelable sticky back, meaning I didn’t have to worry about how to apply it.



Whatever you find in your house and say you don’t need, always double check with yourself and really think of how you could use it. Even with things already used, why not try and re-use them? Turn them into something else! When it comes to the imagination, anything is possible!

It’s a… ♥


Today I am doing something a little different. Today is ‘BLOG-HOP’ day! Last week, I got a lovely long email from Kirsty Neale, regarding taking part in this ‘blog-hop’.

What is a blog-hop? Well, its simply hopping around loads of different blogs every week, that have been personally invited to take part. Its such a wonderful way to get the blogging network connected, and to share such brilliant work! (Also, to meet new people and to keep blogging very much alive!) Yay for the blogging world!

You can check out the lovely lass that invited me, Kirsty Neale, on her blog Ginger And George. Kirsty has recently released a book, Hoop-La!: 100 things to do with embroidery hoops, which I had the absolute delight of working for and has an upcoming book due out in a few months time! Her work is very much ‘all things craft’ and is definitely for you if you believe in cute creatures and embroidery. You shall also find on there, her blog hop post, along with 3 other bloggers for you to check out. Its a very back & forth type thing, however I believe that adds to the fun!

I hope you have just as much fun following this round, as much as we have taking part! Below you will see the bloggers I invited, and I very much hope you will take the time to have a look, as they are all so wonderful and amazingly talented!

So, here we go…


1. What am I Working On?

Currently, I am working on making an awesome career for myself! I can’t say I am doing some kind of HUGE project or working for a upcoming designer, because I’m simply not. (Unless, I count myself as the designer, then yes I am!)

I recently took on the challenge of making a dress, with a zip! Normally I skip all dress patterns that involve some kind of technical sewing. But, I wanted to push myself harder and thought a zip would be a good way to go… Can I get the zip in right? Of course not! Nevertheless, I shall not be defeated.

In September I shall be attending Bridalwear Summer School. My next, massive step into becoming a freelance Dressmaker! Until then, I shall be constantly working on my sketchbook and getting as much inspiration for my collections.

Over the last few months, I have done work for some really wicked people and I love that I’m constantly talking to new people from all over the world. You can look out for an article I did in the latest issue of ‘Mollie Makes’ magazine and please check out my previous work on www.shimelle.com.


2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I always try to make my work stand out from the others out there. I always try to produce a unique creative solution; depending on the project. I constantly push myself to learn new skills so everything I do has my own touch on it.

I rarely settle on one style of work. I think thats what makes me stand out a little, every project I do, I do differently! Whether it be the photography/the style… I don’t see the point of sticking to one way of doing things as after a while, you get bored of it yourself – and thats not what you want!!

Over the last year, I have had the best teacher showing me the ways of the internet world! As well as showing me that you can do what you love, she’s taught me too learn as much as I want, teach as much as I can and proudly show it off however I wish!


3. Why do I write/create what I do?

The same reason as anyone else who does something they love. I love doing it! I love everything about it. The process, the creating, the creation, the feeling of achievement and it getting recognised. The sharing part is definitely one of my favourites as you get a sense of pride and am like ‘yes! I made that!’.
Everything I make, I do because I want to. I may of seen it elsewhere and wish to re-create it or an idea pops into my head and I then turn it into something physical. Enjoyment definitely plays a massive part!

I’ve always know that THIS is what I want to do with my life. Being creative, hands on, bringing handmade goodness back to light, showing everyone that you don’t have to have a boring job to make a living! Whatever your dream job may be, make it happen.

The whole reason for doing this today, is not only to introduce you to my blog, but to show you other bloggers that I love and want to share! So, enough chatter now and I leave you with these three darling people.

imageAbigail Beach is a student studying at Durham University. She used to be a paper scrapbooker but with the demands of a student life and budget she has turned to digital memory keeping. She loves documenting the everyday, rejoicing in the ordinary and trying out all sorts of crafts. She writes about this at Creating Paper Dreams. You can also find her on Instagram as @abibeach.

image Anna Fazakerley is dotty about crochet, jewellery making, sewing and more. She love to design and crafting is an extension of that. Anna is constantly adding to her list of things to make and learn. Blogging about crafty life is a great way to document the journey to look back on. You can check out her blog, Dotty Doily & follow her on twitter.

image Lindsey Portas lives and grew up in Essex with her family and creates her work in her extremely cluttered bedroom. She studied BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design at the University of East London and is graduating in November. She now hopes to find a job within the printed textile design industry whether it specialises in digital print design or screen printed design. Please check out Lindsey’s website where you can find her blog, twitter and pinterest.

You can see their ‘blog-hop’ posts on Monday 9th June. Make sure not to miss out! 

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