Weekly Event: Pick Me Up! ♥


This Saturday (3/5/14) I got taken to a ‘Pick Me Up‘ – a Graphic Arts Festival. As I am not a graphic designer myself, it was nice to see for myself what it truly is and to discover new artists.



The exhibition was based in Somerset House, Londons host to a whole variety of wonders from film festivals to ice skating. This festival ran over a course of three weeks with different events happening every day and weekend. Some days would host workshops for budding designers, talks for the studying designer and always members around for the people who don’t know much when it comes to graphic design aka, me.

The day I went was the start of ‘Childrens Weekend’ & I worried that it would be full of children creating havoc, high on paint fumes and wacky drawings – luckily, I was proved wrong. There was still a very ‘adult’ atmosphere and at no point did I feel like I didn’t belong.
Some exhibitions you go to, you can feel a divide between people and I’m normally the person staring at a painting with a thoughtful face, when in actual fact I have no idea what I’m looking at. Everyone seemed very welcoming and up to talk to you if you had any questions or thoughts.


I really felt it was a great exhibition. It certainly wasn’t boring. The amount of colour that surrounded you definitely put you in a happy bubble.
I think what made this exhibition stand out, was the fact that as well as being able to look and observe artists work, some artists would want you to get involved with letterpress machines or let you watch them work. You wasn’t restricted by barriers or have security guards watching over you, you felt completely free to really get involved and take a closer look at what was in front of you.

Over one floor were lines of stools with the artists work and the artist themselves. The variety of creativity stood out brilliantly. You could pay to get a drawing done of yourself by a ‘mystery artist’ in a photobooth, or have a photo taken in cardboard cut out frames; all designed by the designers themselves. And most importantly, a cute tea/cake part in the middle, to rest your bursting imagination.

It definitely was an eye opener for me. There is no limits when it comes to design and if you have an idea, create it how you want it. Every style is different and its constantly evolving. Don’t Hold Back!



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