Is it really February already?


I haven’t done anything on here for a while as the creative side of me went into ‘shutdown’ mode 😦 However, I’m hoping that by writing it out on here will help it come alive again!
As soon as it hit the 1st January 2014, I made a note to myself to ‘keep the creative juices flowing!!’ But its now February and I’ve done nothing crafty whatsoever. Sigh.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to sew a garment once a month. It could be anything from a baby garment to an adult! Mentally I was ready for this, however my bank balance wasn’t. I think the most frustrating thing in dressmaking is how expensive fabric/buttons/zips are and you end up thinking ‘its cheaper to just buy the garment already made!’ but there is no enjoyment in that or satisfaction, yet its ten times easier! And we all know, time is a massive issue with dressmaking. Before Christmas I found a dress I SO wanted to create and design and to be honest, I’d still love to do it! This is the dress here: When you look at it, you see it isn’t anything extravagant but its such a versatile dress! It can be worn evening or daytime and a pattern you know will always be handy to have. My idea for it was a mustard coloured, checkered design fabric, for a 90s punkish look. I absolutely love Merchant and Mills, due to their simplicity, vintage style patterns. Maybe I can commit to it in a few months, but right now its staying on my wish list!

Are there any projects you’re struggling with or NYR you haven’t kept? Send me an ask! as I’d love to talk about them with you 🙂