The latest project I did was for Halloween! It definitely is my most loved occasion of year. It hasn’t always been that way, but when I discovered the crafty goodness you could get from it, it didn’t take long to turn that around!! I wasn’t too sure what to do for this project due to it being so close to halloween, which left me thinking that an ‘all year round’ idea would be best but with a halloween theme. I decided on a pin cushion as not only is it practical and most needed in your sewing box, it looks ridiculously sweet on your table!! To make this, you need two pieces of felt, embroidery thread, fabric pen, toy stuffing and the essentials! Its easily down in FIVE steps!

Step 1. Draw your template on the fold of your fabrics. Pin down, add a seam allowance and cut.

Step 2. Sew on your pattern with your embroidery thread.

Step 3. Grab your sewing machine and start sewing the edges together (make sure your felt pieces are inside out!) leave a gap at the top of the cushion so you can add the stuffing.

Step 4. Once sewn together, turn right way out and stuff to the brim with stuffing! Make sure its quite stiff to hold. This will insure it isn’t flimsy and will hold pins properly.

Step 5. You shall now need to sew the opening gap together. I did this by hand stitching a blanket stitch. Fold the fabric inside and sew whichever stitch you find best and finish neatly.

Ta-dah! Your pretty pin cushion 🙂



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